• Ways To Include the Father-Of-The Bride in The Wedding

Ways To Include the Father-Of-The Bride in The Wedding

Tuesday 15th Aug 2017
It’s often said that a girl’s father is her first love, however, when it comes time to marry their love, dear old Dad sometimes gets overlooked.
As it is Father’s Day, we thought it was the perfect time to list a couple of special ways to involve Dad in the wedding planning process.

Bring Dad Along to Try on Your Wedding Dress

Who says shopping is a girl’s only occasion? If you and your Dad are close, consider bringing him along with your Mum while you try on wedding dresses. Who knows, your Dad may have some helpful insights to offer, no matter how honest they may be.

Dani and Nathan's Wedding at Dockside

Take Him Tuxedo or Suit Shopping

We all want our Dad’s to look their best, so why not help him decide on an outfit for the big day? He’ll appreciate the father-daughter time, and you’ll be happy knowing he’s going to look his best on one of the most important days of your life.

Ask Him to Choose the Wedding Cars 

Normally it’s the Groom who has reign on deciding on the wedding cars for the day, but why not have your Dad assist? Your Dad will love having a part in the planning process, (especially if he’s a car buff), and it’s great for your Dad and Hubby to have some time to further bond before the wedding.

Nick and Natalie's Wedding at Dockside Pavilion

Bring Him to the Menu Tasting

An easy way to get Dad involved in the wedding planning process is to invite him along to the menu tasting. I know we’d want to make sure Dad is happy and well fed on the night, especially if he’s contributing to the wedding. Plus, if there’s someone we can count on to give honest feedback about the menu, it’s Dad.

Tamsin and Adrian's Wedding at Dockside

Tap Into His Talents 

Is your Dad is musically gifted? Ask him to sing or play a short song at your wedding. Or is your Dad more of a hands on, builder type? Ask him to build you something special for your wedding day, such as a backdrop. 
One of our couples, Vanessa and Matt, had a beautiful box, hand-made by Vanessa’s Dad, presented to them at the ceremony. The box had hand-written letters to one another, along with a bottle of their favourite wine inside with a promise to open the box on their five year anniversary. 

These sorts of contributions are always the most special and something you will always remember.